Tuesday, March 05, 2013


Biafra Sports Club is organizing Biafra Cup (U17) Football competition which is scheduled to take place from the 2nd day of June to the 7th day of July. The tournament is expected to be strong and competitive one whereby 16 youth teams from various sports academies will participate in the tournament. 

Speaking about the tournament, the Secretary General of Club one Mr. yahya Poli informed that, The theme for the said competition is “IBUA NA ENDELEZA KIPAJI CHA KIJANA”. The 2013 Biafra Cup (U17) objectives are: -  
1. To provide young players and match officials with an opportunity to showcase their talent as well as  promote their physical and mental health and wellbeing, 
2. To assist young players to acquire and develop different football characteristics through contact with their peer,  
3. To mobilize young players and instill a sense of fair play in the best traditions of true sportsmanship,To raise awareness on the harmful social and cultural practices that are affecting children and youths at large such as drug abuse, HIV/AIDS and STDs, children’s rights through peer to peer discussion, distribution of leaflets and brochures, banners, e.t.c.
4. To promote and encourage other stakeholders to organize healthy, competitive recreation tournaments for young players. 
The tournament will take place during the month which the African continent and the world at large commemorate THE DAY OF AFRICAN CHILD on 16th June, 2013. The the for Day of African Child 2013 is "Eliminating Harmful Social and Cultural Practices Affecting the Children" therefore the organizing committee will use the tournament to raise awareness of children rights to commemorate  the said day.
The match officials from Twalipo Youth Soccer Foundation are expected to participate in the said tournament as referees and assistant referees in all 56 matches to be played. The said foundation train and provide refereeing skills to youths who are talented and interested to become referees in their future. These young referees have performed well in various youth tournaments such as Copa Coca Cola finals, Uhai Cup, NSSF Cup, e.t.c. to which they were participating as match officials.

He said further that, there will be various prizes to be awarded to the winners and other officials in different categories such as; the champion of the tournament, second winner, top scorer, the best disciplined player of the competition, best disciplined team of the competition, the best official, certificate of participation for each participating team and officials, e.t.c.

In order to meet the tournament’s outlined objective and budget successfully, facilitation as well as sponsorship is highly needed. Sponsors will play a very important role of facilitating the tournament by providing fund/grant and or facilities required for the tournament.

By sponsoring/facilitating the tournament sponsors on their part will have the opportunity to display and publicize their services or products during the matches and the tournament will be a platform whereby these sponsors will meet their customers/clients/communities especially youths, 


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